January 20, at 5: Hey Bjorn, Thanks so much for the insight. The amp settings is crucial as well. On a clean amp with humbuckers you should hear a slight increase in the volume and lots more bass with a mild crunch. The only ones he soports besids the ones he is making now. Hi Bijorn, I have a non-bias B. Read more about that here.

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I found this thread and realized that others were having similar experiences with the pedal.

Even then I still lose some bass, and the sound is harsher and thinner. The primary difference is much more low end available in the version than the version, so it can be dialed into much heavier, fatter tones. Suffice to say, bjtler believe it or not, the Marshall and the TD sound incrediable.

Perhaps not the pedal for you if you had another tone in mind. I was very frustrated with the 12AX7 at first and used the AU7 for some bk butler tube works tube but after countless rearrangements on my board Tubf refitted the pedal with a AX7 and are very pleased with it now.

See my previous reply. I am interested about your experience with the 12AT7, if you have had any yet. If bk has them he yube sene them.

I looked on that site and i found many 12au7 tubes also search on google and there are like different 12au7 haha. And how much does such a replacement cost? I have yet to get the Fender past 2.

BK Butler Pedals

I defo want a tube amp and have reasonable budget. The Tube Driver is an overdrive, with a tone similar vk the early Marshall amps. Blackstar amps are aggressive.

Do you notice a different in your modulation pedals when running them after the TD? I want to ask You: Hi Bjorn, regarding getting the right tone, etc. Its posibble uses a overdrive pedal for bosting a muff? But it depends on each individual setup. His tube had a warmth missing from the others. I have come across a very good priced one, bk butler tube works tube am not sure of the model. How is that possible?

What about a Tube Driver? Thank you in advance for your input. Im starting to dig your band, you guys are really rock!

BK Butler: Distortion & Overdrive | eBay

Would you recommend the Fender bhtler champ? Bjorn, I am looking at possibly purchasing a Tube Driver. Pretty basic but the essence of the tone is the original pickups and the Tube Driver.

That helps me alot. I have bk butler tube works tube several of this version and each sounded nearly identical.

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Murray, if at first the pedal doesnt work when engaged, move the tube around inside the holder, so, it might be at an angle to the holder itself. Was it the same with you? The TC is true bypass and will work better with fuzz. I replaced the 12AX7 with a 12AU7 JJ Electronic for an overall warmer tone with more compression and a much wider range from powerful clean volume boost to soaring overdrive.

However reading this article I am not sure I have made the best choice based on my bk butler tube works tube. I would stick to the rule of thumb and have all gain pedals arranged by tone.